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For years this symbol bothered the hell out of me. Whenever I asked people about it, they had no explanation! I'm not kidding. No one could ever tell me for sure what it was. I had seen it a few times in this gay neighborhood in Chicago as well as Atlanta. You would think I could have concluded its meaning then, but after seeing it alongside a popular fraternity sticker on some BMW at school and since this car with the frat image did not appear to be the type to advertise controversial points of view (or to advertise normal points of view through symbols which apparently are closely associated with homosexuals --- I think that is a fair assessment), well I was confused then. And I swear I've seen it on other affluent/wealthy persons' cars... which encouraged my secret society suspicion.

Anyways, I felt some great relief at finding out this knowledge today that it indeed stands for equal rights to homos and trannies. I kind of suspected that it was some crazy secret society, since no one would tell me what it was! Now I know it's just kind of obscure but carries a deliberate meaning.
And you know, well, it is just kind of sucky to think everyone is in some secret society you don't know about, but however, I guess that would explain a lot of things about the society in general... at least in this reporter's eyes (if there was this secret, pervasive counterculture society running under our noses). Of course if there was such a thing I would want to be a part of it immediately. Whatever! For some reason Atom and His Package were plugging it on their website…
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Punk Rock Academy
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