Computer chip in brain

  • Daily Texan Online article

    Here is a quote from the article I find amusing:
    The officer also noticed a handwritten note resting on top of the body, which read, "Computer chip in brain."

    Your first American instinct from such a story is to reside on the xenophobia, and point to the foreign-terrorist-sounding name of the killer, and excuse the killing as some foreigners' doing and not one of our own. Ok, maybe that has some truth in this case.

    The student was from Hawaii.
    Hawaii definitely has something against Texas. Have you ever seen the Aloha Bowl? For some reason a university from Texas plays football there every year it seems. And there is always a fight. My favorite image from this past season of NCAA bowl insanity was that of a stereotypically obese Samoan woman smacking an adolescent Longhorn male off his rocker, blindsiding him down the stands.

    This melee is just the beginning. Has Hawaii forgotten the Whitehouse is Texan?

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