Going Pro in 2005!

UPDATE: check out that AWESOME new Griz Logo!

I am sick of the Goddamn Lakers. First of all, if God was paying attention right now to the NBA, He would not allow them to win, through His Almighty Wisdom. What wisdom? Well because the Lakers are called the Lakers because they were a bunch of losers from Minnesota at first. Now they are playing the new Minnesota Losers (Timeberwolves).

Clearly these new losers should be defeating the worse-than-losers-because-we-sold-out-and-moved-to-california-to-be-millionaires-and-have-sex-with-movie-stars-and-drug-fiend-Hollywood-celebrities- L.A. Lakers. God should be against things like this.

So - since God apparently has better things to do than worry about the Goddamn NBA - I have decided of course to take the matter in my own hands, because I am so righteous.

I plan to join the Grizzlies in 2005, tentatively, unless I get an offer from the Timberwolves to backup my man, Latrell. (That would be easier than taking entire yoke as the starter for the Grizzlies, which I admit will be a tough gig through 90-something games when We win the Championship).

Magic Bear == Good ° Osama == Bad

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