Lost In Translation

Matthew's Best Hit TV

I give this movie a thumbs-down! I should have known after, however many years ago it was, having accidentally stumbled upon Sofia Copolla's previous debauchery, The Virgin Suicides. Well, I guess that's why I waited about a year after its release before finally watching Lost In Translation.

The soundtrack from both films is impeccable, but both stories fail to affect me. There is something sinister beneath these films that really irks me. I can't figure it out and don't really want to. (yet I'll keep going on anyway) They are so close to being something that I would embrace and rave over. Maybe since they are so close to making some kind of deeply felt connection, it seems I have been let-down by the film makers for teasing me, almost giving me a masterpiece, but failing. And why should we spend our time on something that failed? As I said though, the music is good and, similarly, you can bite off little chunks from each film that make them almost worthwhile: of cinematography, of tone, and perhaps from delectable scenes such as the "Matthew's Best Hit TV" appearance. But as a whole the film is a zero star flop.

The dreamy opiate death lull and malaise encapsulating these films does make me sick. And I feel supremely jealous of these undeserving, dufus Americans slowly coming to realize how hip Japan can be. It is quite frustrating to think of the opportunities people have and take for granted. I can't identify with teenage girls who mope around the house by themselves all day, or self-centered American adults who travel across the world to sit in their hotel lobby until they can find someone as equally distraught as themselves. Maybe this is my mistake and part of my own personal issues – but I have only found that if you wait for anyone or anything you're waiting for disappointment. Let's keep moving!


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