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  • http://www.collphyphil.org/muttpg1.shtml

    You can find these links just by searching on GOOGLE.
    Or better yet, how about using MOOTER to search for Mütter? Gee, I should have seen that coming, Mooter Mütter Mooter, hohoho!

  • But this one fine link is significant because it also introduced me to roadsideamerica.com.

    After my friend and I returned to Delaware from our visit to the museum in Philly, we stopped by his dad's house. It turns out his father is a truck driver and also seems to be keen on rare spots like the Mütter Museum. He said he'd been to the museum several times, and was kind of surprised I'd dragged his son to such an offbeat place. I think we were sufficiently shocked and awed all around.

    His dad mentioned roadsideamerica.com and some other strange stuff elsewhere in the country.

    It turns out that about half the people I've mentioned this thing to have seen it briefly somewhere on TV or on the Internet or something. It is definitely a small world when you can find so many references to this one place all at once. Groovy. (though, admittedly, I should give some accolade to the lady, Gretchen Worden, the grand advocate for Mütter Museum who passed away last week, you are a rock&roll lady and I love you like cool whip, cause that (her advocacy) is probably the reason it came into my field of vision to begin with)

    Err, my favorite part of the collection was the exencephaly fetus. This is a good caricature, done by someone else who's been there, and if you click on the picture to follow the link you will even get the caption taken from the jar:
    my brain hurts, my brain hurts, today

    Remarkably (to me at least), I just now spelled "exencephaly" perfectly from memory. And boy I'm glad cause now I have a picture saved that even comes pretty close to what I remember of it (though minus the putrid yellowish preserve color).

    Holy Dogs! Of all the days I've carried it around, I forgot to take my notepad along! My second favorite exhibition was the plethora of skulls lining the back wall. There must be several hundred! Also, it's acknowledged that these are not just your plain old North American variety either. …Skulls from all the corners of the globe! The obscure localities of the skulls' corporeal owners led me to research Dalmatia (i.e. Dalmatian) during a lull (self-appointed) at work yesterday.

    Two words I repeated to myself after leaving: exencephaly and Dalmatia. Now I have a third, Chrysagire. …and lord only knows what I've repeated to myself subconsciously after such a stimulating diversion… but that is all for another day and is way off-topic. Ciao.

    Technical note:
    Heh, between M$ Outlook and blogger.com,
    Mütter became: Mütter

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