sweet child of mine, where do we go now?

  • Occupational Shortages in New Zealand
    I mean this is really a viable alternative. Hmm, check it.
    Love Your Kiwi!

  • Canadian alternative
    I have mixed feelings about Canadians because well, sour grapes I guess. They seemed like such smug fools in Europe. They made such a point to flaunt their Maple leaves at everyone. Now I'm getting over that initial bad reaction, and I think for now maybe to even sign up as a Virtual Canadian. Rah!

    O, Canada

  • Nippon!
    Oh yes Japan, Yes!

    Save our ship! The Jolly Roger is coming back. "Anyone who attempts to deconstruct anything on this site will walk the gangplank." I miss the old Jolly Roger, wonder what they're doing these days.
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