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  • GoogleWhack — another old favorite. (I whacked with encephalitic quaaludes today).
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    Anonymous Anonymous gesticulated...

    Has anyone beside me ever left a comment? Your site is very unusual. Can you tell how many people have looked at it on line?
    I suppose others have looked at it or you wouldn't post it or keep it updated.
    Bye-the-way - where does it reside physically? G/T? Home? Work? Uranus?
    Love, dad

    2/11/2005 9:51 PM  
    Blogger vanjulio gesticulated...

    Very few people view it; I'd rather not know just how few. It is strange that I keep it going. But somehow I receive my own pleasure from it. I used to abhor livejournal and things of that nature, but I finally gave in after blogging became mainstream Internet fare. This change of attitude for me also came along with the widestream adoption of social network sites like Friendster (LINK DISABLED). If everyone else is doing it…

    I suppose all this is from my anus.

    2/15/2005 6:56 PM  

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