February could be Crueler

So - I was probably the last person to hear about HST's suicide. This came as a huge shock to me and a great disappointment, but I suppose I have no right to make any judgements right now. I am sure a lot of similar minded fellows are rolling over in their graves right now with the current political climate in this country. Maybe he just wanted to get out with some dignity before the recent unassailable empowerment of the Generation of Swine takes full effect. Dark days are truly upon us in the USA.
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The other news is about Jef Raskin's recent death. Here is really someone we should emulate. We had to read The Humane Interface for an HCI course. There are some quotes from his buddy Tognazzini in the some of the press. Certainly Tog on Interface is worth checking out as well.

  • Jef Raskin Businessweek Article
  • Documentary film to come

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