• The New World
    I predict this movie to be awesome… not just because Terrance Malick's last film is my favorite of all time. Whether it will be accepted by the masses and become commercially successful is hard to judge right now. But it has a lot going for it. Christian Bale is looking to become a household name. If you didn't realize his potential in American Psycho you must be smoking something. Christopher Nolan's new Batman movie is going to put Bale in the spotlight either way, so The New World should draw a lot of attention just for this fact. Plus, add to the fact that the last Star Wars flicks before Return the Sith were 95% shite, and the same can be said of the last few Batman flicks.

  • Audiences (and investors) are always hungry for a positive nostalgic reinforcement. We all secretly hope this next Batman won't suck, especially since Darren Aronofsky was booted by Warner Bros. from its initial take at Batman Zero, which sure did sound "cool" to me. It was also going to be black and white – unprecedented for a major Hollywood blockbuster like this, eh? 2002 is like so in the past though, so it's not even worth debating whether Aronofsky would have succeeded or not.

    jim and tom waits
  • Yes, this could really be a good year for American film. Did I mention Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers yet?
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