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Some cool stuffs with these guys in Hawaii.
I don't claim to be directly involved with any of this stuff. But a small satisfaction can be taken from knowing I contributed a bit to some work on these ships, since they use software I helped program at some point or another.


  • infos about their last cruise
  • recent CNN article!

    Kilo Moana
    dual skrimshaw
  • on the Discovery Channel!

    Kilo Moana I just helped debug some problems with a past version of our software. But it was within a module that I've worked with to a great extent.
    With the Hi'Ialakai our folks actually went down in April and did trials and mobilization. Oh well, it isn't much, but you gotta have something that makes you feel like your work has efficacy. That's what this blog post is all about. 'Though I read in my required Health course in college that people nowadays are sposed to have this magical inner "self-efficacy". Sounds like the same dribble as the Patron Saint of Mediocrity, Salieri, would tell his parishioners. Bah!
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