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    A Guided Tour of WDIA: 50,000 Watts of Soul Power
    Thursday, August 25th, 6pm - 7pm (5pm-6pm CST)
    on Aircheck
    AM 1070, WDIA in Memphis made a revolutionary decision for a radio station south of the Mason-Dixon line in 1948: they turned the programming over to the city's best black talent. It quickly zoomed to a million dollars in yearly revenue, became the first station in the U.S. to openly discuss racial issues, and earned its name the Goodwill Station by becoming an unprecedented pioneer in civic responsibility in media. But it also became a foundation for great DJ's like Rufus Thomas, Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore, and Maurice "Hod Rod" Hulbert and paved to road to fame for countless black musicians. Spend an hour taking a guided tour of WDIA: music, announcements, far out jingles and diatribes, talk show segments and more.
  • WDIA history

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Yes. How do you best learn about your roots? Listen to the New York station everyday.

    But I think I listened to this station most when I was home last. Or maybe it was another? No, it was some up-and-coming one I'd never heard of before.

    Hot107 seems to have gotten too commercial. Except well, on a Friday night, you know they're always getting it crunk. But it aint like the early days when they were first coming out, right? Just look at this ridiculous flash site that they have now for a webpresence… I guess it's fitting a bit though - lots of flashy, functionless, frivolities, juxtaposed with just enough content to get the point across: you are spicy hot AND fresh, you belong here!

    Dang, I sure love/miss Memphis radio.
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