DARPA Grand Challenge 2005

Alright folks. I've had this on my calendar for most of the year. I think perhaps 3 or 4 times as many people will be watching this than will be watching the super bowl. I mean, uh, whoops. I'm getting carried away I guess. It is a really huge deal though. This could be the year for maybe the Red Team to finish the course.

I'm stoked. Without this kind of work going on, I feel around myself all the time that we're slipping back into a primitive, decadent society. Yikes! Grand Challenge ahoy!
  • http://www.grandchallenge.org/ – main website

    Some competitors' websites

  • go big dog
    Red Team

  • Rajin Cajin
    Cajun Bot on the Prizowl

  • Gah!
    Blue Team - wicked videos

    Team Ensco

  • little dune buggy in the sand
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