Georgia Tech 14, No. 3 Miami 10

  • Reggie Ball breaking it down
    The go-ahead 3rd Quarter touchdown!

    Go Jackets! I sat at the bar watching the game on 4 televisions simultaneously. 3 strangers nearby were converted to comrade underdog cheerers. We shook hands at the end of game, as they congratulated the Rambling Wreck. The bartender says, "Gee Webster, you really are a Georgia Tech fan," as he hands back my stinking filthy GTAlumni Mastercard. You said it, man!

  • I consider this a poignant consequence of one of the most devastating hurricane seasons on record. The aftermath has never been so literally palpable. You can sit there with the sports section of your newspaper now, and it's documented in this cultural artifact, which we call the media, right there in your hands. You could clip it out and hang it above your bed, or on the wall at the entraceway of your habitacion. Before this tremendous upset by the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets though, the idea of the devastation was limited only to the ongoing cleanup efforts and the memory of the actual onslaught of the hurricanes over the past months. Now we have this contest and sport to give it a first sense of a cultural manifestation. Miami is a place of sin, debauchery, and ethnic decadence. Verily, we have all conquered the Hurricane on this momentous occasion. Unranked comrades, we now are masters of the chaotic and unbridled destructive forces that previously ruled uncontrollably, beyond our grasp.

    Victory for the White and Gold!

    Victory for the White and Gold! Georgia Tech players celebrate their 14-10 win over Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)
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