Death by bunga bunga

You may recall my recent posting of an image from the two weeks of rioting in Paris, France:
  • Paris is Burning

    A similar outbreak of violence is now underway in Australia:
  • for old jack
  • news story

    It's not easy to resist a strong emotional reaction to the kinds of atrocious offenses that are being exhibited in these outbreaks. I feel extremely angry just reading one article about it. But it continues for days and the fighting does not stop on either side.

    There was something about the riots in France which perturbed me, and yet, no one else mentioned it. It is also exactly the same sentiment the leaders and politicians behind the United States' "War On Terrorism" have proclaimed against the people of the world. Anyone associated with the other side is:
  • an enemy that must be defeated → hunted and killed outside of the global policies of war.
  • a coward
  • a hater of democracy, capitalism, freedom, the easter bunny, Jesus, and all things Alabama.

    The "War on Terrorism" itself has already been defined as a terrorist act because terrorism itself is an unofficial act of violence against a group of people (Chomsky, 9-1-1). Since the United States acts without the approval of its own citizens above all and without consensus approval of the nations of the world in its "War on Terrorism", then the war itself is not a war in the technical sense, and it is equivalent to the very acts of unofficially recognized violence against similar groups of people (us and them).

    Let's go back to the French and Australian riots. In both cases the official leaders of the countries simultaneously excused themselves from responsibility and denounced the vigilantes by referring to them as "hoodlums". They instantly label this entire segment of people as outsiders by these derrogatory name-callings. The society in which their politics operates will not cautiously analyze the fact that these people are so strongly incensed that they are taking to the streets and attacking property and innocent people. If you are a member of such a throng of angry and emotionally charged rioters, then being dismissed categorically by the officials as a low-life, second-class criminal will only help feed your resentment and anger. The same tactics have been employed by the United States since September 12, 2001. Instead of acknowledging the issue for what it is – I personally believe the officials in political high-ranking have taken the easiest path of recovery for their individual responsibilities. They dismiss these members of their society (even the entire globe is a society in which we all must function someday or else we'll all be dead) so that their simplistic models and ideas of government and policy will be kept in tact.

    I am extremely upset by these attitudes of the Australian officials and the French officials. I am entirely disenfranchised by the leaders of my own country (the United States) and am almost completely apathetic to the politics of this country since I don't trust their initial steps from decades ago which they refuse to acknowledge. If they are actually paying attention to the biggest problems that I think have been avoided every time one of these acts of violence occurs, then they owe it to their constituents to tell them there is work being done to address the real crux of the issues here. Otherwise I dismiss them.

    Yabba dabba doo!
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