The PenIs Mightier

Sorry for the obnoxious title, but that dang Saturday Night Live sketch is hilarious, no?

I came across this awesome, awesome site the other day. Here they pose some deep ambiguous question to nearly 120 scientists, digeratïs, and post-modern intellects (you know, pseudo-scientists like journalists, bloggers, scifi writers, etc.)
  • The Edge Annual Question

    think deeply

    I couldn't put it down once I started. Some of the people on there make me sick, and some I love dearly. So you know it is one of those things that affects you strongly, one way or another (positively, reïnforcing your beliefs, or negatively, challenging your beliefs – which I'm pretty reticent to do, frankly). But dude, with folks mulling about fantastic ideas such as panpsychism, you just can't go wrong here! I have a new favorite word of 2006!


    Also, if you're still with me, you should peruse some of the edge.org site for general info of awesomeness. I mean the digeratïs section is like a hall of fame for the ultimate level of awesomeness. I really cannot believe that I didn't know this publication existed before this week. You'd think I waste my time on the Internet with junk all day instead…

    Anyways, Sherry Turkle gets the Penis Mightier award from me today,
  • she's already in my borg, I can tell you that much
    Good Gull
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