the wrath of the Northmen

  • Nothing Rotten in the State of Denmark

  • for vincent

    All I'm saying is, what comes around, goes around. Jihad begats jihad.

    gimme the fuckin keys ya cocksucka, whaaaaat?

    Update:The leaders of the Muslim world have recently taken their "more than billion" very far away from the rest of the free world. The media is now flooded with images of incensed Muslims acting like animals in protest against a cartoon. I've lost a lot of my personal empathy for the Muslim world after this. They are acting like robots and animals with no consciousness or logic. Don't they realize the Western approach for millenia has been to master and overcome the animal world? This is very sad because it seems like an entire section of humanity is declaring itself subhuman through these responses and actions. The rest of the world will have no choice but to rope them off into their own corale where they cannot interfere with the rest of the cognizant humankind.
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