Let Them Chortle Cake

  • The Call to Cake

    At my infamous 14th birthday party one of my more awkward eccentric friends slunked away from the group after being embarassed on the trampoline by another more obtuse rapscallion male teenager; you know how cruel we are at that age. The graceless ganster, Scoop Jackson, went inside to devour what was probably ½ of an entire mint-chocolate-chip Baskin-Robbins® IceCream Cake.

    Upon confrontation by one perturbed birthday boy, the cowardly glutton was heard chortling defensively in sated munchkin tongue,
    It's so goooood; I could Eat'it all deyyyy!
    In honor of this fond memory, I present this homage to that delectable foodstuffs, the universal symbol of well-earned celebration, indulgence, glut, and frivolty. Revel in it with me for a few moments:

  • my personal Cake interpretations

    Yep, at 3pm EST, March 29, 2006 the radio station will be playing an entire show of this same spoken word, rant, performance art poetry piece of Cake by Todd Colby, covered by listeners of the particular show. archives of Intelligent Design
    Of course I'm excited because the 2 clips I've posted at deviantArt will allegedly be aired. Yikes!

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