pimp harder, pimp harder, fo' da, mallenium

When I was like 12 years old I met this really crazy white kid in my Sunday school who said he was in a rap group called Three Six. As you can imagine, he was quite unruly and his attention was not exactly focused on matters of theology to say the least. It wasn't until about 5 years later, during high school, that I heard that name again. Now, another 7 years pass, and look what it's turned into!

That weird white kid is always in the back of my mind when I hear Three Six now. I wonder who the hell he was, and if he really was involved with a bunch of black men from Fraysier. I've only been to Fraysier once myself, for our high school Senior Retreat. Deviating any number of miles North or South of Memphis is definitely like going through a time machine. It's as haphazardly strewn as they come.

Who knows? There could be hundreds of crazy white kids in Memphis still going around thinking "666" would make a great handle. Or maybe it was just something in that time period and that place that made sense. It could have been the extremely awkward, out-of-place white kid that turned into the next international sensation hiphop Emcee.
Hebrew HammerOr he fuses something totally new. Uh… Who knows? Cool that people can stick it out this long and rise to the top though, even from the dregs and the backwaters that demarcate the Mid-South.


I mean this is really cool. And if you haven't seen
Hustle & Flow yet, man you is tripping. I love the subtle disses to Hotlanta (Ludcris's played out character). The longer I'm away from Atlanta, the more I've realized its downfalls. Isaac Hayes is legendary as always.

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