April: stinkass beard time

  • rant about beards in baseball
  • NBA to ban tights

    I really get some jollies off of the postings in those links above. You might say I'm crazy. I also like to rant about Mickey Mouse and America.

    Expressed Power
    pau beardmean joe green

    let the man play


    weak ass bitch
  • They Tamed Monkey Boy: Comparisons to Samson aside, this is sickening.

    I think at least one other sick monkey in history of psychology, Dr. Freud, would agree with my train of thought: denial of the Rites of Ishtar, beard taboo, replacement of fertility with eroticism, replacement of the egg whites with cane sugar, substitution of the egg yolk with milk chocolate, desire for grass-growing mind-numbing to match the reality principle and the continued leisure restriction of the pleasure principle. (Even our entertainment, for the most repressed of our society, must match the reality principle of complete denial of passion, creativity, expression of the dynamic in life, a militant devotion to order and predictability — insanely adulated by these monolithic pasttimes where terms like "ballpark" and "game" are directed in a way that is more like "workplace" and "job".

    Don't we see increasingly professional athletes referring to their profession as a business and a job? And the public does not just observe this as a spectacle. The public actually exalts the rigmarole. Perhaps because their own lives are so wayward and replete of typical schema, they embrace the conservative, mundane organization of these "sports" as something dependable and fixed, something with an obvious causal chain that can readily be followed from start to finish. It really seems strange that so many Americans would voluntarily subject themselves to such tedium. The rewards are untangible. It is a complete loss of freedom at the ballpark. It is similar to signing your life off to the military. So, perhaps I should leave this subject as it stands, before I get into another can of worms there.

    Different strokes for different folks:

    Glen Plake mohawk

    Eck had some hair but no beard

    Beard Rant copy pasted:
  • john swankadillo said,

    April 3, 2006 at 7:19 am

    Beard is like a stink ass. Good people can have a stink ass. Bad people can have a stink ass.

    To deny the fact that stink ass is stanky is to deny reality. America is typical to taboo stink ass. America is typical to deny beards.

    It is a depraved nation. It is sexually repressed. Why does [Terrel Owens] grab a desparate Housewife on Television? We want them to mate before us because the audience is so sexually depraved. Fertility of April Fool’s has been completely removed.

    Feritlity and the Rites of Ishtar are gone. Instead we hide behind a chicken rabbit delivering chocolate eggs instead of nurishing fertile yolk eggs. Sugar instead of substance.

    Therefore we must ban beards from these Yanks! Just look at Pau Gasol and you will see what it can lead to. (total European dominance of America, complete grace instead of raw power, uncontrolled passion for the game instead of predicatable behavior - hence baseball is like watching grass grow in fact - without beards growing we must have something to watch like grass in the outfield).

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