keine da

I think this play on words stuff is gaining popularity. It always infects my head and I will share one I had this morning.

My roommate person cooked rice last night. I woke up thinking "it smells kinda like rice. kinda likes rice." echo echo, reverberate in the old noggin a few times. Then say it 10 times fast. It becomes Condoleeza Rice! Kinda Likes Rice! Err, perhaps it's a bit of a stretch.

Ok then here is this other one. I think I heard it on the radio or something before. It stuck with me: Keine da == Canada. German for "none there". Interesting eh?

I hold out on some possibility that there are people out there that find this highly amusing. Give me a phone call if you are these people!

A man in the skies is a man in disguise. I saw a man in the skies. I saw a man in disguise! This guys in between gulls. Disguise in beating girls! Disguise in beating girls.

  • Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love" → "Sad Old Michael Love"! Dig it!
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