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  • Pluto: And then there were eight

    Pluto is no longer a planet.

    This is not a big deal really. Pluto is so small and traces such a remote orbit that we hardly have it on our conscience. You're much more likely to hear exciting news about the moons of other neighboring planets than you will of Pluto. But it is interesting that Pluto has it's own moon, Charon, though it's not 100% certain whether Charon even orbits Pluto. We have to ask ourselves, do we even care about these tiny frozen fragments of rock on the border of our solar system? We certainly do, but not enough to consider them in the sacred inner circle of the planets.

    So, do we have to cry now because the rule of 3 has been broken? Have we turned our back on the Ancients and their wisdom? Nonsense! Even with only 8 planets, we still obey the rule of three. In fact this is a good place for me to explain my love of the number 8. 9 of course is 3 sets of 3 which is ultra awesome godheadness. 8 seems inferior, but in fact, it is still a 3. Two cubed is equal to 8. 2 raised to the third power! And of course 2 is a very sacred and holy number. It is the natural measuring stick for all even numbers. It is the harmony of the natural world and the spiritual world. Two encompasses all dualities, like yin and yang. So it is very important.

    The fact that eight is two cubed is not a mistake.

    The fact that there are now officially eight planets is no mistake either. It is a perfect union of the sacred inner circle with reality. Nine, to me, is a contrivance. Pluto was a contrived planet. We wanted fortune and fame and we had that explorer mentality that said "we will conquer space" and discover new planets! When in fact the world is already perfect and does not care about being conquered. Eight is the way it is and I'm quite satisfied with this arrangement.

    Let me also point out one other beautiful thing:
    8 vs. ∞
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