russian women and their bananas

"I believe, at the end of the day, personally, my life is not about a banana," Sharapova said Saturday night. "It's not about what I wear. It's not about the friends that I have. My career right now is about winning a tennis match. And right now, I'm sitting here as a U.S. Open champion, and the last thing I think people need to worry about is a banana."

The world audience responds:
  • "I guess i missed something here"
  • "why was she talking about a banana?"
  • "haha I like it"
  • "haha that has soooo many possible connotations that most people cannot
    even skim the surface of... only the wise and litigious know better..."

    The real story:
    Snotty reporters kept asking her about whether she had "cheated" during the match by eating a banana after her coach had signaled her to.
    Sharapova had a good comeback to such an idiotic point. She said she was more than a banana. She had just won the U.S. Open, she said, and there was more to this than eating a banana.

    I am a few years older than Marinya, and so I feel entitled to revel in the perverted innuendos. Hohoho!
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