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In mid-January, I moved over 1000 miles north 3 years ago to Rhode Island. Immediately these were the coldest temperatures I'd ever experienced. My SHOE POLISH froze in my car on the drive up! It was as low as 7°F within the first week of my arrival. The snow storm I met driving up was the most snow I'd ever driven through. Every year since, we've had a number of snow storms. It's damn cold up here so any percipitation is going to be frozen this time of year… usually. Coincidence or not, this year we've yet to have a single one! There were snow flurries a few times, but nothing has accumulated. Two years ago we had 36 inches in one day.

Naturally, I did a double-take at the pictures of very rare snow piled atop cacti in Tucson, Arizona, Monday, Jan. 22, 2007:

Why is it almost February and we're still patiently waiting for our first snowfall in coastal New England? Yes, hope is in the forecast today, but we want more snowplow action! I look with forlorn depravity at the empty corner of the parking lot at my workplace, where, in not too distant memory, a high-piled mound of snow stood from late-December until mid-April. They always say if you don't like the weather here, just wait a few hours. But it's been weeks of unseasonable warmth, with violent fluctuations down into the teens, then back up to sunny fifties, T-shirt flaneur weather. Just stay below freezing and give me the white stuff for February, please! (None of that single digit temps though, I beg you). Muchas Gracias

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    I shall repaste the journal entry on Global Warming that a recent team of adventurers wrote on their expedition to the Pole of Inaccessibility on the continent of Antarctica:

    Global Warming
    14 Jan 2007
    GPS-pos: S °' | E °' | Alt: 3481m
    14 Jan

    Temp:- 25°C
    Distance Travelled:0
    Duration Travelled: 0
    Total: 1,350km
    Distance Remaining:357km (265miles)
    Altitude: 3470m (11,399ft)

    No wind, no movement, nothing.

    Global Changes.

    Our Scientific research out here goes as far as the following statement.

    "We can conclusively confirm that there is Global Warming"

    Ten reasons why (we have more if you are not satisfied with the ones listed below):

    1. It is 36°C in our tent and -25°C outside. That proves there is NO Ozone layer down here. Piz Buin need to set up stalls all over the place.

    2. For the first time ever in Paul's mothers life there has been no snow in Ottawa. She is 78 years old and says it is so warm she feels like she should be planting her garden.

    3. Victor Serov from ALCI (our logistics support out here) had no snow for Christmas at his cabin north of St Petersberg. Another first.

    4. Sydney recorded its' coldest winter on record.

    5. Irregular weather patterns all over the world. Malmesbury was flooded last week.

    6. Victoria (Eastern Canada) had unseasonably cold temperatures and huge snow falls. Again irregular......

    7. Prolific Antarctic Char spawning has been recorded in rivers and streams all over the edge of the continent. The Japanese Scientific base at Mount Fuji are reportedly more excited about this than the rarest of the Koi Carp collections. For your information, Arctic Char, the northern hemisphere cousin, can be found in some remote lochs in the Highlands of Scotland. The are left over from when the ice caps melted.

    8. As the trip goes on Antarctic Bluebottles are becoming increasing common. On a still clear day there are nearly enough for a game of "sticky belly flap cock" (available at Hamleys and most good toy shops)

    9. We are regularly coming across bare patches of earth with signs of grass growing back. From a distance there are shimmers of green in these areas.

    10. Henry has stated that he has spent more nights sleeping with Rory and myself than any other person. Is that relevant? It certainly says something...

    Can not wait to finish before we end up grass skiing.

    Rupert and teamn2i


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