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  • This kid is latest in the news, and that's his website. I don't think he staged this event with Kerry, but who knows.

    University of Florida Student Tasered by Police:

  • University of California (LA) Student Tasered by Police:

  • By educating the workers' party, Marxism educates the vanguard of the proletariat which is capable of assuming power and of leading the whole people to socialism, of directing and organizing the new order, of being the teacher, the guide, the leader of all the labouring and exploited people in the task of constructing their social life without the bourgeoisie and against the bourgeoisie.

    The bureaucracy and the standing army are a parasite of the body of bourgeois society, a parasite spawned by the internal contradictions tearing that society apart, but a parasite which chokes all its vital pores.

    V.I. Lenin, The State and Revolution

    Hot Springs, AR – Go Skateboard Day
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