essentially suicide

  • Best email ever! I received this random email today on that lovely myspace. I guess I used to have Alexander Supertramp listed as one of my heroes on there, and I had some pictures with my face in Alaska. Hilarious.

    From:K is for Kangaroo K is for ..


    Date:Oct 23, 2007 7:57 PM
    Date Sent: 10/23/2007 4:57:00 PM

    Subject:Christopher McCandless aka Alexander SuperTramp
    Body:I was researching Into the Wild and it sent me to your myspace page. Do you happen to know anything about it? Was that picture of you sitting next to the bus he died in? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_McCandless
  • 2007 Hollywood Version

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