slow loris lane

The Internet is getting hit hard with some garbage.  Who is to blame?   The ISPs?  The Homeland Security?  The CSA, CSI, FBI, OSS, KGB?   Al-Quaeda, the one-eyed midget walks into the room with a pencil, good god, what’s happening? You’re a cow – give me some milk or go home!   Now you’re positive something’s happening and you wish you knew what it was, don’t you Mr. Jones?


My Gmail spam folder is growing exponentially.  My mp3 radio streams are bogging down.   I can’t read my class bulletin boards; I can’t check to see if my professor has cancelled class.   The world is going backwards.   Speeding trains are slowing down.  You can’t even go to Boston and return before morning.   You’re better off buying your own rocket and shoot it to the moon.  Then land in Canada.  Then never go back.

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