penguin plunge ohh eight

(picture is actually of Newport where I live, but we went to Galilee for a more hardcore crowd that wasn't so later'd as Miss RI)


    We did the plunge in Galilee, RI right at noon. They were doing the 10 second countdown as we were just stripping down.

    I sprinted into the water and fell head first into a wave - then ran out - only to see my girlfriend and her step-dad just getting into the water. So I went back in for a few yards with them, after finally realizing my limit and the initial euphoria of the survival instinct had kicked out of my system.

    The water was not that cold but I totally wussed out afterwards. The sky was totally gray and the wind was biting. My toes started swelling up like tomatoes! I thought I was getting frostbite – probably was beginning. Next time I'll make sure to have some warm socks and shoes when I get out of the forty° water and back into the freezing wind chill air!


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