happy birthday koko!


Lord please help me!
I am a flower from another galaxy, rooted here on your blessed earth.
Without procreation our species will surely die here in space.
This is the beginning of another Evolution.

That complex mind in my stem has risen.
Evocations to the winged self meld the channels
Hitherto strange raptures would be exciting to lunatics only,
Now they are our Jungle Bunnies.

To be that social wellspring with other,
Supple transmission of the orbit,
My gradual aphasia stood the test of disciplined inquiry;
Complete with photo voltaic sweet substitute, my Love.

Grasping the gleaners and torturing their Revolutions,
Thy propulsion tis only equaled in leaves shed like fur coats.
Elderly rites engaged us most forlornly
Whiling away the lingual dependents –
Conditioned for maximum fruition.

Yea, those flora whithered.
The trunk grows gnarled;
Its branches sparse.
Need not care for it leads to its Heaven.

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