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We need programs like OLPC (http://www.laptop.org) to help transform this nation into a nation of "DOERS" and technical leaders.  The world has changed and growth will always accelerate.      Education has lost its way and its effect is pervasive and endemic in nearly all spheres of this country's intercourse. 

We must strive  to hold position as world leaders in scientific and technical education.  I know you will lead us forward progressively and I salute your ideas for setting a CTO/CIO.    India's Chandrayaan I (http://www.isro.org/Chandrayaan/htmls/home.htm) is making history and this is great for the world.  We cannot lose partnership with global collaborative efforts like the exploration of space.   I am very proud of our achievements and historical election that just took place.  This is a great time to boldly reinvent our stance on things like education so I love to see focus on programs like OLPC.   I'm just a casual supporter of the program and thought I would share these thoughts.   Thanks for your time!

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