Voting: only for those deemed competent

I voted at the newport library this morning and it was utter chaos.   There should be restrictions on the elderly voting.  They were rude, angry, confused and extremely slow.  They did nothing but complain about the process to the volunteers and insisted that each year it's more difficult.  It seemed no different than 2004 to me.  What's changed is they've aged 4 years and can't even handle simple tasks like standing in line, marking a piece of paper with a pen, or reading and listening to directions. 

When I finally go to turn in my ballot one of the angry elderly men had actually succeeding in breaking the voting machine!  Apparently he ignored the large sign with size 48 font that said "INSERT ONE SHEET AT A TIME" and stuck all of his cards in at once and jammed the machine.  They could not bring it back online and had no spare.    I don't know if you have received more reports about this debacle, but I felt the need to pass along my experience. 

No wonder young people don't vote in this country.

newport, RI

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