Best Job Ever?

How about getting paid six figure salary to lounge around on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia for 6 months? Sounds too good to be true? Yeah – and it probably is.

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    See if this was the best job ever you wouldn't have to audition:

    Candidates are required to create a 60 second or less video application in English explaining why they are uniquely qualified for the job. Candidates are also required to complete an application form and upload the video to www.islandreefjob.com. Applications open on 10th January and close 22nd February 2009. Tourism Queensland and their representatives in international markets will select ten candidates and visitors to www.islandreefjob.com will have the chance to select one Wild Card candidate. All candidates will participate in an interview selection process which will be held on a number of the Islands of the Great Barrier, on the 3rd - 6th May, 2009.

    And you definitely wouldn't have a grueling interview process that requires you to travel to a bunch of islands.

    The worst part is once you get the job, you're expected to do the same crap every other jaded white collar worker does on a daily basis: blog! But really it's about becoming a marketing whore for these guys. Best job ever, or just another way to save money?


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