put some pressure on the man

The reason gas prices are going up in this country is for no other than the greed and sinister selfishness of the oil companies. While you may know dozens who lost their jobs or significantly had their income decreased last year, these oil giants recorded record profits in the midst of a recession. They see this as yet another opportunity to stay ahead of the curve even in recession.


They are rising the prices by lowering supply so that they can sell greater volumes in the next months at higher prices than now. Right now the price is low enough for us consumer to finally catch a breath - but it is not high enough for their gluttonous plots. They must make 300% profit not just inflation rates, or god forbid, operate at a loss. Meanwhile you and I are operating at losses every day. We are paying cash to their bottom lines while they continually sell off our credit for their luxury existence. It is unethical and eventually someone will pay the bill to the speculators. It won't be Standard Oil. It will be us!

Do not buy their gas. Ride your bike. Walk to local stores. Do not support their evil schemes.

UPDATE: The man will burn. Thanks Cramer!


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