war on tobacco gone too far?

  • FDA bans flavored cigarettes - If you read closely, cigars are also classified as cigarettes.

    I can't imagine unflavored tobacco tastes much better than a huge whiff of smoke from a camp fire with pile of old leaves thrown on top.

    Now I don't really care about it since I don't smoke. But I did enjoy smoking every blue moon with friends. On vacation it is nice to buy a cigar also or perhaps to celebrate a newborn. In United States of America now I suppose this tradition is over. Cigars already have a somewhat harsh flavor that takes getting used to - but to be "flavorless" would make them utterly unpalatable. Why don't they just ban them all like marijuana? Tobacco is probably worse than marijuana. Oh I guess they are trying to slowly ween the country off them. There'd be some massive protest otherwise. But isn't it going too far to ban flavoring? There is a cigar shop next to where I work and I feel sorry for them to see them lose their business.

    For the price of two of these puppies!


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