civilization declined?

I must be getting old and turning into a pessimistic codger. Everything post-modern is becoming increasingly dreary to me. Perhaps these eyes are just finally losing the rosy tint and gaining access to the truth? Or perhaps I have weakened, allowing my resolve to crumble into forlorn despair. I see ever-encroaching signs of a decaying Western canon no matter where I look.

Let's see,
  1. Worthless currency: Check

  2. Private banks are Failed, Nationalized Check

  3. Downturn more than a local trend? Computer science, the gem of modern technical advancement, is falling by the wayside in American high school, college, and industry. Check

  4. Microsoft's Creative Destruction "Microsoft, America’s most famous and prosperous technology company, has become a clumsy, uncompetitive innovator."

    iPad, an ongoing joke, as the Dynabook dream continues to elude and disappoint engineers and users alike:




  6. Literature? Check

  7. US Space Program Cancellations Age of Exploration… on hold… Check

  8. Mindless, futile waring against other cultures? Check

  9. "People cannot stand too much reality." – Carl Jung

    Too much Reality

    We use terms like "dystopian" as if it were counterbalance to some far-fetched Utopia, brought to you through glass screen.
    The Machine is Bleeding to Death

  10. Paging through google searches of "abandoned city Detroit", I saw what I expected to see:

    Then finally I came across this:

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