Ignorance Breeds Deceit, Destruction, Death

Full PDF document of a lunatic ramblings press release of the wife and step-mother of the murderers of two of the finest police officers of West Memphis, AR:

  • Statement of Donna Lee Wray

  • The AK-47 wielding 16 year old lies dead in the included photo.

  • All Hell Broke Loose

    Not just a slippery slope. That's a slope to anarchy, bitterness, and suicide. It's one thing to try and live outside of the government, and a completely other to bring arms against it and to break the laws intentionally. "Is not a legal move". These aren't like the gypsies. They want their cake and they don't want to pay for it. You can't have both the Western lifestyle and the unfettered freedom of existence outside of society. And they crossed the wires that set us up the bomb.


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