50 states of fame - part 1of3

  • 50 Celebs from 50 states - After wasting far too much of my brain and time on this slideshow, I decided to go after it and redo it with a little more integrity and depth.

    I like the test so in my spare cycles I will try and get through all 50 states with a short description and head-shot of a person I think is worthy of representing their home state.


    Jim Nabors
    If you don't know Gomer Pile then you don't know shit.


    Erik Ellington
    Ellington rode for Emerica and was a key member of Piss Drunx, so he gets the nod here.


    Marty Robbins
    Marty Robbins is a Nashville Hall of Fame musician, but he flat out wrote great songs. They were good enough for Grammy, and good enough for Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash to sing. Truly a renaissance man, he even drove NASCAR.


    Rev. Al Green
    Of all the great musicians, athletes, and former presidents from this great state, the reverend has to be acknowledged here.


    Dustin Hoffman
    If not the best actor, he's certainly played the best roles over his career, even though I Heart Huckabees was bullcrap.


    Jello Biafra
    Give me convenience or give me death.


    P. T. Barnum
    The Greatest Show on Earth.


    Robert Crumb
    Really there's no one very interesting from this state besides businessmen and politicians.


    Bob Bob Bob
    An order of Scoffers and Blasphemers, dedicated to Total Slack, delving into Mockery Science, Sadofuturistics, Megaphysics, Scatalography, Schizophreniatrics, Morealism, Sarcastrophy, Cynisacreligion, Apocolyptionomy, ESPectorationalism, Hypno-Pediatrics, Subliminalism, Satyriology, Disto-Utopianity, Sardonicology, Fascetiouism, Ridiculophagy, and Miscellatheistic Theology.


    André 3000
    Strongly considered: MLK Jr., Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Carter, Otis Redding, and Gladys Knight, and the guy who started Waffle House.


    Bu La'ia
    Natural Law Party candidate for governor in 2002. This Maui native is a high-brow comedian with a message, "Our current health care system in Hawaii is nothing more than a disease care system."


    Doug Martsch
    Built to Spill sings about Twin Falls Idaho.

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