Chocolat Bar - Langham Hotel - Boston

For 1st year anniversary I took my wife to the Chocolate Bar. She jokes about my alcohol tolerance being higher than hers. We discover her chocolate tolerance is much higher than mine. I could hardly move after the 2 hour gorge on all things chocolate:

  • chocolate croissant bread pudding
  • chocolate filled pretzel
  • pumkpin dark chocolate torte
  • home-made vanilla ice cream with gummi bear mixins
  • triple chocolate tarts
  • hand rolled dark, milk, and white chocolate truffles
  • raspberry filled beignets
  • penny candy
  • cotton candy
  • chocolate fountain with pine-apple, strawberry, marshmallow, and pretzel dippers
  • espresso soaked opera cake
  • a ton of cups of liquid chocolate filled stuff that I can't remember the name of
  • chocolate mixed berry tarts
  • made to order crepes with much fruit, chocolate, and varieties of alcohol
  • boston creme filled donut things covered in chocolate
  • vegan chocolate muffins
  • key lime pie
  • apple cider

Something I'd say everyone should do once, and chocolate lovers would want to do annually. It can't be healthy to attempt more frequently than that. I've had enough dessert to last many moons now. The chocolate euphoria really was akin to a mild inebriation. I could eat the chocolate bread pudding every day!

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