A debate raged in my household the other night. It was over the automatic IP blocking of all twitter-related gadgets, feeders, APPs, and aggregators at our workplace. What do you think? Does Twitter hold a business purpose to you? Send me a comment or email on your thoughts.

What's farcical to me is that Twitter itself is not blocked... but any tools I can find that enhance Twitter and make it "usable", from my standpoint, are blocked. So I have this decrepit image of some idiots at my corporate headquarters manually pouring over Twitter.com each day, burning through our overhead dollars.

WebSense Enterprise filters and restricts access to Internet sites in accordance with SAIC Communications Policy SG-10, Section 5.

URL: "http://woofertime.com/"

Your IP:

REASON: Your request was denied because of its content categorization: "Social Networking;Society and Lifestyles"

If you believe that you have received this message in error while accessing a business-related website, please request access via the Websense URL Unblock request form.

However, I can understand why Woofertime is blocked. ;) haha.
I'm not sure why they want to block so much. Maybe they are afraid we are participating in secret wikileaks subversions through our gadgets and portals. The question for corporations is whether any benefit of things like twitter is worth the perceived security risk. Now I understand why innovation in the past has been done primarily through very young people under the age of 25 at most. As people get older they keep confidence in a small circle of incestuous contacts. Only at early age are people really free to experiment and discover novel ideas. I feel myself drifting far away from these youthful exploits. It's not just geographical borders that limit us. Even after these centuries old borders are down ("The World is Flat"), we face great ethical questions on the limits of technology. What potential benefit is lost through the tightening of security, if any?

Thomas L. Friedman might be right, The World is Flat, and the masters at control are trying their damnedest to build those walls back up.

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