Singing Swords

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls Make Water Levitate - A study and scientific explanation

    I enjoy these sounds and phenomena. The physical universe we are able to perceive with our human senses is a very small window of the full spectrum of existence. This is a small allegory of the forces at work beyond our perception. The wave mechanics are still quite misunderstood and unsolved. At least we have only gained a small insight into the full workings of things like this. At least we can describe what we see on the Tibetan bowls but what other completely bizarre things happen everyday around us that we do not have the underlying mathematics to fully describe yet???? This is something to consider and can be a fun delusion while listening to things like this.

    Or, watch juvenile falcons:

  • Peregrine Falcon Webcam - RI Audabon Society - these never get old although I think the babies have left the nest now. check out the youtubes.


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