New York border with Rhode Island?

Was checking out the location of "Old Saybrook High School" in Connecticut today and found something strange on Google Maps.

By the way, Old Saybroook HS has an awesome submarine team that competed in the 2011 International Submarine Races.

http://www.navy.mil/swf/mmu/mmplyr.asp?id=15970 - pretty cool video of the winning Naval Academy team.

The title of this post is about the border of New York though. If you have been around New England you may have noticed one funny thing about tourists' license plates: 20% of them come from Florida, 20% from New Jersey, and 50% from New York (10% from places unknown).

Now I always think of New York as a world away, even though it's about 200 miles from here. In fact, it's much, much closer than that. The entire state of Connecticut is actually bordered by New York, all the way to the coastal border of Rhode Island in fact! Very strange!

I had no idea that Block Island actually borders New York. So next time you get cut off in the parking lot of the local supermarket by an extremely rude/impatient New York tourist, you can cut them some slack a bit, because they really are our neighbors after all! They're not truly the infested plague vermin they make themselves out to be - rather just our unruly neighbors to the extreme southwest... who knew? Well, someday I really need to get the full history of the charting of Block Island and the Dutch settlements of New Amsterdam and New York. Adrian Block

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