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  • Random Math Paper Accepted by Journal - as seen on slashdot.org I love this stuff:
    De nition 3.2. Let ! be arbitrary. We say a Lobachevsky, semi-natural, simply von Neumann group 0 is invertible if it is universally a ne, partially empty and hyper-von Neumann. Proposition 3.3. Let us suppose we are given an Atiyah monoid 00. Then every everywhere normal, almost non-Riemann vector is regular. Proof. This is obvious.
    5 The Connectedness of Combinatorially Tangential Moduli Recently, there has been much interest in the construction of algebras. It is essential to consider that T may be unconditionally Liouville.
    Theorem 4.4. Let q @0 be arbitrary. Let O(P) 2 1. Then there exists a compactly parabolic subset. Proof. We proceed by trans nite induction. Of course, every quasi-Legendre{Sylvester, trivial random variable acting freely on a simply admissible hull is Einstein.

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