We're going back to San Antonio, where 4 years ago the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were embarrassed by the Goliath known as UConn Huskies with a starting lineup full of current NBA players.

But this is our time for Memphis. We are Goliath and have been legitimately ranked #1 already for a large portion of the season.

The recent superhuman performances of this Memphis team have given me existential aphasia as I try to place myself historically, culturally, and geographically in the context of the evolution of Memphis and sports in particular.

My mind can't handle it as I am such a homer that I always say "we will beat every team by 20 points" even when I know it is likely we'll be blown away. But now the prophesy of fanaticism has come true in Texas in a way I never expected. It is so good that it's essentially mind-blowing!

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